New Product – SycoTec 50100 AC-duo

Robot-Ready and Double-Productive
SycoTec high-frequency motor spindle 50100 AC-duo

Easily installed on an industrial robot using an adapter, the new high-frequency motor spindle 50100 AC-duo from SycoTec saves time and increases productivity. Thanks to its two tool holders, it performs two different machining steps quickly and without changing tools. Bores of different diameters, or milling and subsequent grinding of a workpiece – an easy thing for the spindle 50100 AC-duo. Quickly rotate the second tool into position, and the next machining or grinding operation begins. Since the tools are fixed in precise ER16 mounting systems, the motor spindle is characterized by the high standard of SycoTec Precision.

High performance

The performance data of the 50100 AC-duo motor spindle promises excellent work results in the field of tool and special machine construction as well as in applications of the automotive or aerospace industries. The 3-phase asynchronous motor in sensorless operation provides a considerable S1 power of 3 kW, reaching up to 1 nm torque at a maximum speed of 50,000 min -1. To ensure that everything is running smoothly and cool in high-performance operation, a powerful water cooling system for the motor element and ball bearings is integrated into the housing. Optimized tuning of SycoTec inverter e@syDrive 4638 and the matching Cooling unit gives them even more flexibility; even cooling of the tool is ensured: on each machining side there are two separately controllable coolant nozzles.

Extremely resilient

The four high-quality hybrid bearings of the high-frequency motor spindle 50100 AC-duo are designed in such a way that they can withstand high speeds and long-term use. The bearings are lubricated with life-time lubrication and are therefore particularly easy to maintain . A further advantage for productivity: The 50100 AC-duo motor spindle is fully operational thanks to its air-tight seal, even under extreme ambient conditions – and thus protected against the ingress of coolant or lubricant in accordance with IP 55.

SycoTec 50100 AC-duo

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