Jaeger Chopper Spindles

Chopper Spindles

The Chopper is a leaner variant of a high-end, Jäger High Performance Spindle. The main aspect taken into consideration in the development of this product was saving manufacturing costs and ultimately, an attractive final price for the customer. A cleverly thought out basic spindle concept means that various tool clamping systems (Jeager, ER and HSK clamping systems) up to a maximum of 12mm are available to potential customers at a reasonable price – simply and quickly manual, pneumatic or with a taper change – all these can be integrated into the basic body.

Some Chopper-Spindles can be attached without spindle bracket directly to the machine axis using the available T-slots according DIN 650-8.  An integrated ventilation system for cooling the spindle means no additional costs for otherwise necessary cooling units.

Jäger-High-Performance Spindles offers each Chopper-Spindle also in a “Chopper-Bundle”, that means Chopper-Spindle including frequency converter at a reasonable price!

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